Alexandru D. Moise
Research Fellow at the European University Institute
Current member

Alexandru D. Moise is a Research Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence where he is currently working on health politics and political behavior in the European Union within the framework of the SOLID project led by Prof. Hanspeter Kriesi. Alex received his PhD from Central European University in September 2019. His dissertation looked at how clientelism and partisanship influenced access to healthcare in 17 Eastern and Southern E.U. member states. He was previously a Max Weber Fellow and part-time Assistant Professor at the EUI, teaching quantitative methods. He also teaches Regression Analysis and Programming with R, at the European Consortium for Political Research’s Summer and Winter Schools in Methods (2019-2022). Alex is also part of the CIVICA Grant Project WELDECO (Welfare, Democracy, and Populism under the COVID-19 Crisis) together with researchers from CEU, LSE, and Bocconi universities. His broader research interests span political economy, welfare studies and party politics.

Select publications:

Burlacu, D., & Moise, A. (2021). Romania. In E. M. Immergut, K. M. Anderson, C. Devitt, & T. Popic (Eds.), Health Politics in Europe: A Handbook. Oxford University Press.

Moise, A. D. (2020). Researching the Welfare Impact of Populist Radical Right Parties; Comment on “A Scoping Review of Populist Radical Right Parties’ Influence on Welfare Policy and its Implications for Population Health in Europe”. International Journal of Health Policy and Management.

Moise, A. D., Scheiring, G., & Löblová, O. (2021). The Populist Radical Right and Health in Hungary. In M. Falkenbach & S. L. Greer (Eds.), The Populist Radical Right and Health: National Policies and Global Trends (pp. 95–112). Springer International Publishing.

Zabdyr-Jamróz, M., Löblová, O., Moise, A. D., & Kowalska-Bobko, I. (2021). Is the Polish ‘Law and Justice’ (PiS) a Typical Populist Radical Right Party? A Health Policy Perspective. In M. Falkenbach & S. L. Greer (Eds.), The Populist Radical Right and Health: National Policies and Global Trends (pp. 113–137). Springer International Publishing.

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