Ioana Elena Oana
Research Fellow at the European University Institute
Current member

Ioana-Elena (Nena) Oana is a Research Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence where she is currently working on political behavior in European crises within the framework of the SOLID project led by Prof. Hanspeter Kriesi. Nena has completed her PhD in Comparative Politics at Central European University in Budapest on policy responsiveness to collective mobilization. She is the main developer of the R package SetMethods and has extensive experience in teaching research design, R, and QCA at various international methods schools and universities (ECPR Methods Schools, Lund University, University of Helsinki, EUI, etc.). She has also co-authored with Carsten Q. Schneider and Eva Thomann the book ‘Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) using R: A Gentle Introduction’, forthcoming with Cambridge University Press. Regarding research methodology, besides general research design and QCA, Nena’s work also involves semi-automated protest event analysis and survey experiments. Substantively, her main research interests include political behavior, political participation and mobilization, political representation, and opinion formation.

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