Democracy in Europe: a single bed for two dreams
Our guests will be: Yves Meny, Maurizio Ferrera, Caterina Di Fazio, Moderator: Edoardo Vigna

Democracy in Europea single bed for two dreams is the third seminar of the cycle “A Road to Europe”, in the context of project SOLID.

Can the “rediscovery” of popular sovereignty take place, paradoxically, against democracy? What antibodies can liberal democracy oppose to the Leviathan? Why are populism and souverainism winning and tempting? Which social groups are most tempted by the “sirens” of populism? Could the success of populist  forces undermine the process of European integration and the future of Europe?

Prof.  Yves Meny (Luiss School of Government) will discuss these issues with Maurizio Ferrera (Università degli Studi di Milano) and Caterina di Fazio (Maastricht University). The Seminar will be moderated by Edoardo Vigna, Corriere della Sera.

RE-WATCH the event: https://fondazionefeltrinelli.it/eventi/a-road-to-europe-leuropa-dei-conflitti-democracy-in-europe-a-single-bed-for-two-dreams-giovedi-6-febbraio-alle-18-30/

on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PRW4V1rVLs

Agenda A Road to Europe_6 febbraio 2020