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The Politics of Emigration in Europe: A Research Agenda – Jounral of Common Market Studies
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While the politics of immigration in destination countries has been a prominent topic of research in comparative political science in Europe, the same does not apply to emigration and to the perspective of peripherical EU countries. This is true even though the flows of people moving from east to west and from south to north pose potentially significant challenges to ‘sending countries’ in Europe. This article sets up a research agenda aimed at contributing to redress this imbalance. It highlights the need to explore more systematically themes such as (1) the impact of emigration on the political behaviour of both those who stay and those who leave and (2) and how emigration is framed and politicized by relevant societal actors. Ultimately, it draws attention to the fact that a lot of the questions that have been asked about ‘entry’ (immigration) need to be asked about ‘exit’ too (emigration).

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Kyriazi, A.Mendes, M. S.Rone, J., and Weisskircher, M. (2022The Politics of Emigration in Europe: A Research AgendaJCMS: Journal of Common Market Studieshttps://doi.org/10.1111/jcms.13392.
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