Alessandro Pellegata
Assistant Professor at Università degli Studi di Milano
Current member

Alessandro Pellegata is assistant professor of Political Science at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the Università degli Studi di Milano. Before joining the SOLID project, from 2016 to 2019 he was involved in the REScEU project (“Reconciling Economic and social Europe; Values, Ideas and Politics) supervised by professor Maurizio Ferrera. He is also in the editorial board of the EuVisions online observatory ( His research interests are in the filed of comparative politics and include electoral competition and political participation, EU support and European solidarity, policy mood and political corruption.

His most recent publications include:

Carbone G. and A. Pellegata (2020). Political Leadership in Africa. Leaders and Development South of the Sahara. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Visconti, F. and A. Pellegata (2019) “Representation in Hard Times: Party-voter Distance on Support for Social Europe in Italy”, Italian Political Science 14(3): 188-205.

Pellegata, A. and M. Quaranta (2019) “Accountability through Government Alternation: The Role of Political Institutions and Economic Performance in Fifty Countries, 1990-2015”, International Political Science Review 40(3): 419-436.

Ferrera, M. and A. Pellegata (2018) “Worker Mobility under Attack? Explaining Labour Market Chauvinism in the EU”, Journal of European Public Policy 25(10): 1461-1480.

Pellegata, A. and V. Memoli (2018) “Corruption and Satisfaction with Democracy: The Conditional Role of Electoral Disproportionality and Ballot Control”, European Political Science Review 10(3): 393-416.

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