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Kriesi, Hanspeter
Backlash politics against European integration
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Kriesi, Hanspeter


The answer to the question whether opposition to the European integration process is an example of backlash politics is an ambiguous one. While the Euroscepticism from the radical right qualifies for backlash politics, the Euroscepticism from the radical left does not at first sight, although it also shows some traces of this kind of politics. Both the radical left and the radical right mobilise political discontent and are part of a ‘populist backlash’, but it is only the ‘nationalistic backlash’ against European integration of the radical right which qualifies as a politics with a retrograde objective. The argument is illustrated by the case of Brexit, the British version of the ‘nationalistic backlash’.

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Kriesi H. Backlash politics against European integration. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations. 2020;22(4):692-701. doi:10.1177/1369148120947356

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